When you buy the Dingoes Pack you will receive 4 cards.


Blockchain will be used for the mechanics of buying cards in the game, the game cards are NFTs, which can be used to build decks these can be rented via blockchain in a rental system with automatic profit sharing, the NFTs initially start with a lower raking and this being improved by burning a card from the inventory, the rank upgrade process will be done via blockchain as well as the burning of the NFT of this one, reducing the supply and valuing the token, there will be two main tokens called CDG (Crypto Dingoes) standard ERC20 game currency contract and CDN (Crypto Dingoes NFT) standard ERC721 which is the game NFT contract.



The in-game currency is called Crypto Dingoes which has a CDG symbol and a maximum supply of 50M tokens, its supply will initially be allocated in the following percentages 10% for project development, 30% for player rewards, 10% for liquidity, 20% for the ICO and 30% to reward players who stake NFTs or provide liquidity for the coin.